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Subject: Chad and Troy: The Two Brothers12 and 14 years old - Chapter ThirteenChad and Troy: The Two Brothers 12 and 14 years old — Chapter Thirteen
This story contains Graphic sex between to minor brothers a preteen 12 years
old and a young teen 14 years old, it contains oral, anal and rimming sex
and on occasions fisting between the two brothers and their friends, their
group now has 9 boys involved in it.If this sort of material offends you then don’t read it.All the usual disclaimers apply.
Do not read this story if you are under the legal vicky cp lolita pussy age in your area.Chad and troy: The Two Brothers 12 and 14 years old — Chapter ThirteenThe next morning I woke to find Randy’s arm still across my chest and his
mouth close to my face, I could feel the soft breathing coming from his
mouth, I felt a little guilty about being aroused by it and put the thought
of wanting him to make love to me out of my mind.
I just lay there not wanting to wake him even if I was a little
uncomfortable from sleeping on my back all night.About 15 minutes cute girls pre lolitas
later I felt Randy start to stir and his arm slid off my
chest and he opened his eyes.
“How long have you been awake, he asked me?”
“Just for about 15 minutes Randy.”
“Why didn’t you wake me up Chad?”
“You needed sleep and I didn’t want to disturb you.”
“I leaned over and lightly brushed my lips on his.”
“I love you Chad.”
“I love you Randy.”"Randy would you like a nice hot bath, I don’t think you could stand for a
shower and in the tub you could relax and just soak I think the hot water
would be good for you and I can get some bubble oil from your mom’s
bathroom, all moms take bubble baths.”
“That sounds like a great idea Chad I think I’d love that.”I ran the tub 3/4 full and poured in the bath oil and soon the tub was full of
I was still in my briefs when I went to Randy and pulled the covers off and
reached up to his pajama bottoms off and told him to lift his butt just a
little, I pulled his pajamas off and helped him get out of bed, he was still
a little shaky trying to stand.
“Let me carry you randy, I won’t drop you.”
Randy put his lolita nude preteen com
arms around my neck pictures pussy teen lolita and I put one arm around his back and my
other hand on his bare butt.
“As sore as I am Chad you’re starting to turn me on.”
“I know I’m feeling the same way just holding you but no sex for awhile, you
need to get your body well first.”"Ok Randy I’m going to lower you butt first into the water slowly and stop
because it is hot and when you want me to lower you more just say so and
I’ll lower you a little at a time until your used to it.”
“Ouch, lolita pink sex pics Randy said when I lowered his butt into the hot water and it touched
his butt!”
“Ok a little more now Chad.”
I kept stopping and lowering him until he was completely in the water.
“This is HOT he said but your right it does feel good ls lolita teen links
to my top lolita pics young sore body.”"You just soak and relax I put a towel at the back of the tub partly in the
tub so he could lean back and not hurt his back , I’m going to get some
clean linen and make our bed, just holler if you’re slipping too far young lolita pics
the tub or for any other reason.”
“Chad you’re taking better care of me than they did in the hospital.”
“That’s because I love you more than they do Randy and I kissed him and left
to find the clean linen.”
I got a bottom fitted sheet underage lolita toplist preteendigest and a top one and two pillow cases and made our
bed then turned Randy’s side down so I could put him in clean pajamas and
lay him down when he was ready to get out unless he went to sleep in the hot
water.Just as I went to check on randy to make sure he was ok the phone rang and I
picked up the cordless phone and went in the bathroom to check on randy and
he was smiling from ear to ear, this feels so good Chad, thanks.
“Hello I said.”
“Hello Chad this is Randy’s mom.”
“I heard him say something feels good, I’m glad to hear that.”"Oh he loves his bubble bath, I told him to just to relax and soak in the
hot water, and I hope it was ok to take the bubble oil from your bathroom,
and the water was hot, then I slowly lowered Randy into the tub to let him
get use to the hot water. Now he’s leaning back on a towel for his head and
back and he’s totally relaxed.
I put clean linen on the bed and I laid a clean pair of pajamas on his bed
then I am going to lift him out of the tub and have him sit on a stool and
dry him off and carry him to bed get him into his pajamas and put him to bed
then I’m going to poach him a couple of eggs and light toast and orange
juice, I don’t want to give him anything that may cause his stomach to
hurt.”"Shy, no I’m not shy and neither is Randy especially since he can’t do much
for himself besides in the school gym 30 boys at a time take showers so none
of us worries about being shy.”
“Well I guess you better talk to randy he’s reaching for the phone.”"Hi mom I love you.”
“Are you kidding Chad’s taking better care of me than the hospital, he’s
super mom”
“Ok I know you have to go just know Chad’s taking great care of me.”
I took the phone and Randy gave me the news his mom vicky cp lolita pussy told him.”Mom told me she talked to the doctor, and the school and the school told us
they would have our schoolwork dropped off daily by Troy and for us not to
come back for at lolita 10 year olds least two weeks.”
“That’s great Randy you need at least two weeks to build your strength up.”
“Now I’m going to get a stool for you to sit on while I dry you off and put
you in bed then I’m going to fix us breakfast.”
Looking down at Randy I was surprised to see him not tented up, I wanted to
suck him so bad but I just kept drying him off and thinking about breakfast
to keep my own cock from tenting up.
I dried Randy completely except for his wet butt and I told him to hold onto
my neck and lift himself off the chair and I dried his butt.
I again put my one arm around his back and the other under his butt and
carried him free lolita models thumbs
to bed.I put his pajamas on him and laid him in bed.
“Randy I know your sore and have been through a lot but it took all I had to
keep from sucking you earlier and just now.”
“Chad I was hoping you’d do that, I can’t take being fucked yet but I’d love
to drain my balls, they are so young nude lolitas preteen full they hurt and my mouth is not so sore
that I can’t suck you back.”
“Do you want breakfast first Randy.”
“No, I want to feed you my seed first.”
“Let me get an old rag out of my bag first and put under me because I am so
close to cumming I’ll cum before you do.”I pulled lolita pink sex pics
his Pajamas down to his knees and his cock was now as hard as ever.
“Does it hurt getting that hard?”
“Just a little but I need release Chad.”
I started licking his pee slit back and fourth and then took just his head
into my mouth and swirled my tongue under his head where it’s the tenderest
and he grabbed the top of my head and said it felt so good.
I lowered completely down on him and started sucking harder as I started
jacking off and it felt just as good to me and Randy was moaning louder and
wanting to hump my mouth but he hurt to bad but his balls were full and he
could not wait, when I tasted lol young model nude his sweet cum I could no longer wait either, I
began to shoot all over the rag.”Thanks Chad that was fantastic and it made me feel so good.”
“Me too Randy, that was the first time I got off and my balls don’t ache
“I wanted to do that first thing this morning but I thought it was too soon
after those jerks did what they did to you.”
“Chad, you and my other friends do what we do out of love, those brutal
thugs were just mean wild animals.”
“I just want to lay on you and kiss you all day Randy but I little russian lolitas nude
know your upper
body hurts too much for that.”"I’m going to get our breakfast and I’ll yell up at you so don’t worry or
panic Randy.”
“I won’t as long as I know you’re here.”
“I’m going to get another pillow off the other bed so you can be propped up
and eat out of the bed tray your mom told me about.”
As we ate breakfast Randy wondered why my brother or any of the others
haven’t come by.
“I’m sorry Randy I asked them not to because I wanted you to get complete
“I guess you were right Chad.”
“I’ll tell you what so you won’t feel to alone you can call them but don’t
talk to long I want you to take a nap before lunch.”
“Tomorrow is Friday and maybe all of them can come over and give you a light
kiss.”Randy picked up the phone on his night stand by his bed and started calling
my brother and the rest of our friends and can tell them his male nurse (me)
That all of them can come over tomorrow but not to bother him too long
because he still needs constant care and bed rest but he is doing better.”Randy are you still a little behind in your need for sex?”
“Yes Chad, in fact I’m hard right now, me too.”
“Randy is there anyway you can think of to fuck me and not hurt you?”
“I think if lolita 10 year olds
you got on your knees and lay across the mattress I could kneel
and get behind you and hold my upper body upright I could do it.”
“Let me pull the covers back and take your pajamas off and help you out of
bed, and help lower you free sexy lolita websites to your knees.”
“If it’s to painful Randy you don’t have to do it so stop at anytime it
starts to hurt.”I got the lube and turned to face Randy and gently kissed him and I felt his
tongue part my lips so I returned the tongue kiss as I lubed his dick and
wiped my hands and broke our kiss and turned around and lay across the
mattress and spread my legs for Randy.
I felt him inch forward until his dick was in contact with my butt and I
felt the wet lube from hid cock touch my ass.
“Oh yes randy, just that feels so good, are you ok do you think you can do
it without you hurting?”
“Yes Chad, I’ve wanted to fuck you since before my attack.”Randy did just what he said he would and held his upper body upright just
holding his hands braced on the mattress.
I felt him push into me slowly until he was all the way in and I asked him
if he were ok.
“Oh yes Chad, my lower back and my chest is just a little sore but I’m ok.”
Randy started fucking in and out of me slowly and as he got harder he
started fucking me with a faster pace, not as lolita pink sex pics fast he normally would but he
did feel so good going in and out of me, feeling his hard dick going in and
out of me was something I needed as much as him.
“Oh Randy you are making me feel so hot.”
“Chad you’re the medicine I need and I want to feed your butt my medicine
and then you lie on the mattress and let me suck you until I taste your
sweet medicine from you.”
“Chad I’ve wanted this for so long, I’m going to cum soon.”I don’t know if it hurt him but he jabbed deep into me and his balls must
have needed release since the day after his attack because he loaded my butt
with cum.
“Randy you better wait to suck me because my ass will leak all over the
mattress unless I go poop some out.”I took care of myself in the bathroom and went back to bed with Randy and I
told him to get in 8 yo lolitas naked a 69 position on his side because even though he had just
cum In came in me I wanted to taste his cock while he got me off.
YUMMMMMMMMMMMM was all Randy said as he started sucking my cock, it was like
he was well again but I knew he still hurt.
I pulled his cock further into my mouth and started sucking him in earnest
because as much as I wanted to shoot in his mouth I wanted another load from
him and Randy held my butt and held it tight as he sucked me hard wanting my
cum as much as I wanted his.
We were both in as free lolita models thumbs
hot a passion, I must have done a good job on Randy or he
had been denied sex for so long that he was hurting because he filled my
mouth with his cum first and tasting it made me start shooting into his into
mine and I little russian lolitas nude savored every lolita nude preteen com drop and kept sucking until he was hurting from me
continuing.I went in the bathroom and ran another bath for Randy, and this time I was
going to share the bath with him “Did you just run another bath Chad?”
“Yes I did Randy because we both smell cummy and we can’t let your parents
smell like that.
Once again I carried Randy to the bath and lowered him into the tub at the
end of the tub and I sat on the faucet end looking at him and I took a clean
wash rag and bathed his entire body then while he laid back I washed myself
then I got out of the tub and told Randy to keep laying there resting while
I dried off and dressed in some clean clothes then took the stool and went
and lifted Randy out of the tub and put clean pajamas on him and back to
bed, he soon fell asleep and I sat in the chair and watched him.He used up a lot of his strength on having some most needed sex but he at
least relished it after not having any good kind sex.
I almost dozed off myself watching him sleep.
I did close my eyes and I guess I to went to sleep because I heard Randy’s
Parents come in the front door.
I free lolita models thumbs ran to the bathroom and splashed some water in my face and went and sat in
the chair near Randy.
I heard their foot steps coming up the stairs and knocked lightly on the
“Come I said just as lightly.”
They saw Randy sleeping and asked how he was feeling and I told them our/his
schedule of the day and they both said I was treating Randy better than the
hospital and was glad I volunteered to help when Randy asked me to stay.”Randy is my friend and it was easy to help take care of preteen lols sucking cocks him.”
On hearing voices Randy opened his eyes and looked around and said hi to his
mom and dad and asked how long he had been asleep and I told him about 2-1/2
hours and that he needed the sleep.
“I heard that Chad took excellent care of you today.”
“He really did dad, I could not walk well so he carried me to the bathroom
and gave me a HOT bubble bath to relax and help my sore body, he has been
great to me dad.
“So your mom has told me.”"Can I go down to the living room and watch TV with everyone on the sofa
“Of course Randy, but first let me get you your sleeping bag, a comfortable
blanket and a sheet for pretty young lolita models you to lay on and two pillows to prop yourself up
and a sheet to cover with, that way you’ll be comfortable and when I’m done
I’ll carry you downstairs.
“No Chad it sounds like you done your share of work today, I’ll carry Randy
downstairs.”"Ok then I’ll get the stuff for him to have nice soft bed on the sofa to lie
Randy’s dad when I went and free sexy lolita websites told him I had the sofa made up for him.
I had the sheet held back as his dad gently laid him on it.
“Wow Chad this really feels soft thanks, I didn’t know if I could lie on my
back but you made the sofa feel like I’m lying on a cloud.”
“I was hoping I made it soft enough for you.”
“See mom, dad, Chad has lolita modela top sites done this all day trying to make me feel better.”
“Chad you are more than just a friend to randy it lolita pink sex pics takes someone special to
do the things you’ve cute girls pre lolitas done.”
“Thank you but I enjoyed taking care of Randy, he’s special to”
“Has your brother or other friends been by to see him?”
“No, I told him and the other’s to stay away because I told them Randy
needed bed rest but I told them they could come over tomorrow for a little
while but randy would be in bed.”"Now before I start dinner we have found out that the detective said the
police had five men in custody and wants to know if your able to watch five
line ups and see if they have the right men.”
“I’ll try but I still can’t stand to long.”
“I can go by the hospital and borrow a wheel chair, they offered to loan you
one when you were there.”
“Ok dad I can do that if I can sit.”
“Two of the five are 18 years and three of them are 19, that makes them all
an adult so they will face stiff prison time if found guilty, but the
District Attorney will offer them a plea garden otherwise they face life in
prison.”"What is the plea bargain time being offered did they tell young lolita pics you dad?”
“Fifteen year and if they accept it you will not have to even go to court to
testify against them.”
“Wow, that’s a long time!”
“It’ll be better than life.”
“Don’t be feeling sorry for them son they beat you so bad that if Troy Chad
and your other friends, calling you and finding you and calling for help you
may have died.”
“Sir they left him for dead.”
“We all know that Chad and if they plea bargain and accept the fifteen years
it will not really be enough.Troy brought our school assignments and joined us watching we mostly chatted
than watching TV until bedtime and Troy said he had to go home because he
was tired.We were all tired to and we had to be at the police station by 11:00 am.
I said I’d take care of Randy’s sofa bed I made up for him and that I was
very sleepy to and Randy could hardly hold his eyes open.
When we were alone we kissed each other and went straight to sleep.Friday morning everyone was up early Troy phoned to see if we were up
because he wanted to go with us but knew the other guy’s couldn’t go and
were ok with it besides it’s the Friday before school and they just wanted
to sleep in.
Randy’s mom and dad were up first and his dad had already left for the
hospital to get the wheelchair for Chad.
We all had a light breakfast of poached eggs and toast with orange juice.”I’m a little nervous mom; I’ve never been in a police station much less
look at a line up.”
“Don’t be nervous Randy; just know your helping rid the street of some
“I know mom, I still think of how brutal they were to me and I’ll never
forget it.”
“I’ll be at your side to Randy whether the police want me there or not.”
“I’ll need you there Chad and I’ll tell them that.”
We heard Randy’s dad drive up in the car and closed the door.”Randy, the hospital really gave you royal treatment; they gave you the
latest model in wheelchairs, all electric and well padded for your back!”
“That was fantastic of them.”
We all just talked about what was going to happen if it was the men who
attacked me and could I stand to see them again.”Well everyone let’s go and get it over with, Randy you just keep lying on
the sofa while I get the chair out of the car for you.”
Dad brought the chair in and it was really a modern up to date model, dad
took a few minutes to show him how easy it was to use.
“Am I just going to be wearing my Pajamas?”
“I’ll go upstairs and get the tops for you randy, if you can wear them now.”
“Yes Chad I could wear the tops now just as long as I don’t have to wear my
jeans and t-shirt and my sport shirt.”We arrived at the Hugh main police station and Randy’s dad went to the
window and told the man who we were and why we were there.
And he pushed a button and told someone who we were and then told us to take
a seat in the waiting room, soon a detective came from a corridor just past
the window and took us to another and explained on what will happen when
Randy was taken to where he would look at five people at a time with five
different people in each line up.”Randy if you recognize any of our suspects’ just point to him and say he is
attacker number one or attacker number three until you have identified all
five of them then you will be asked to identify any scars or tattoos and
describe their genitals we will bring you the pictures of the men and you
tell us what you remember about each one of them and they one at a time will
be asked to strip completely and our specialist will examine each one of
them, can you do that Randy?”
“Yes I can do that.”
“Then come on Randy, folks this may take a while so please be patient.”
“NO, I need Chad at my side I can’t go in without him.”"Randy has been terrified without Chad being at our house night and day
taking care of him, not ever his father or me can comfort him.”
“Well that is highly irregular but I guess in this case it will be ok.”
“Come on Randy and Chad.”The first of the five men were led in, we could see them but they could not
see them.
The first five were not one of them, Randy was somewhat disappointed.
The next five made Randy almost jump out of his chair.
“There are two of them, one on the far left and far right.”
The two Randy pointed out were asked to step forward and Randy was again
asked if these were two of the men and he said yes.
They were led out and five of more led in Randy pointed to the man in the
center and he was asked to step young nude lolitas preteen forward.
The next five were lead in and randy identified the last man.”Ok Randy we are going to bring in some pictures of the five men you’ve
identified and say in order of who penetrated you, the beating we got from
the hospital.”
“Just say number one and describe any scars and pretty young lolita models genitals.”
Another man walked in with a large brown envelope and handed it to the man
doing the underage lolita toplist preteendigest questioning.”Point to the first attacker and describe what his body looked like.
“This is the first lolita 10 year olds attacker that penetrated me, His penis was fully
circumcised and holding it in his left hand so I guess he was left handed,
his penis was about 6″ long, and he had about a 3″ scar 2 inches above his
belly button on the right side.”"The second one, picking up the picture to let the man know ls lolita teen links who he meant,
had lolita nude preteen com no scars or other marks and was not fully circumcised , just a little
off the tip very slightly retracted, about 5″long.”The third one had a 6″ penis completely circumcised all pubic hair was
shaven cute girls pre lolitas except for a small patch above the top of his penis.”"The fourth one had an uncircumcised penis about 6″ long, he had a lot of
pubic hair jet black.”"The fifth one had a large penis had the largest penis of all about 7″ at
least he had fully shaven pubes.”"Thank you Randy you certainly gave us enough that if it checks out when
they are stripped and examined then I can go to the DA and tell him we have
a clear cut case of guilty, my guess he will make them a plea bargain of 20
years or when they are convicted they will receive life without parole, my
guess is they will except the plea to avoid life.”"Come with me now and I’ll take you back to your parents.”
“Randy identified all 5 of his attackers and described their lower bodies
and any scars.”
“When his description checks out after their strip search I can go to the DA
and tell him we have a clear cut case of guilty which would lolita nude preteen com bring them a
life without parole sentence and I will accept a plea to them serving 20
years and their lawyer will tell them they had better accept the plea
because of the evidence against them is overwhelming and this will mean
Randy you will not have to go to court at all.”
“I’ll call Monday and let you know what is happened, is it all right to call
you at work?”
Both my mom and dad said yes and gave him their business cards.”By Randy thank you for being here and giving such, damning evidence.”
“Your welcome top lolita pics young sir I was glad little russian lolitas nude to be of help.”On the way home I told mom and dad all young nude lolitas preteen of what I said except describing the
men’s private parts.
“Wow I thought 15 years was a long time but now its 20 years and they
deserve it for what they did.”
“Are you taking the rest of the pictures pussy teen lolita day off mom, dad?”
“Do you want us to randy?”|
“Sure I do besides tomorrow is Saturday and it’s just a little before lunch
so why go back now?”
“Great, thanks for staying.”
“Can I preteen lols sucking cocks take a nap on the sofa when we get home, it’s so comfortable and it
makes me feel better lying on it.”
As soon as we got Randy home and onto the sofa he was asleep in two minutes.”Poor Randy he really had to answer a lot of questions and not feeling well
it’s no wonder he wanted to take a nap.”
“I know it was a strain on him, his mom said.”
I was thinking of Randy later in bed, I bet his balls needed draining I
don’t think he’s up to fucking me, so I will give him a good blow job, we
can’t take a chance on a 69 in case his mom wants to check on him.
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